Algilock® Perforated

Algilock® Perforated

Artikelbezeichnung Lieferform REF
Algilock PerforatedSet with 8 pcs. (4 OK, 4 UK)101031
Algilock Perforated OK / PS 3Size: small USA:1101032
Algilock Perforated OK/ PS 4Size: medium USA: 4101033
Algilock Perforated OK/ PS 5Size: large USA: 5101034
Algilock Perforated OK/ PS 6Size: x-large USA: 7101036
Algilock Perforated UK/ PI 3Size: small USA: 20101037
Algilock Perforated UK/ PI 4Size: medium USA: 21101038
Algilock Perforated UK/ PI 5Size: large USA: 22101039
Algilock Perforated UK/ PI 6Size: x-large USA: 24101041

Stainless Steel Impression Tray

  • High-grade corrosion resistant stainless steel
  • Ultra quality, long lasting, brilliant finish and form stability
  • Retention rims hold impression material – no adhesive necessary
  • Laser-welded handles and palatine ridge
  • Autoclavable without affecting finish
  • Specially for Paediatric Dentistry – ALGILOCK PEDO

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