About Us

Welcome to Hager & Werken!

A Dental Family Company with a Lot of Tradition and Innovation.

Our Customers: Dentists, Dental Technicians, Patients and Dental Depots.

Hager & Werken is a corporation mainly known in the dental market. Our customers are basically dentists and dental technicians with their teams who buy our products exclusively from the dental trade in over 70 countries worldwide.

Patients and end consumers know us through our miradent products, which are offered in pharmacies and dental practices. These prophylaxis specialties and other articles are distributed in Germany and Austria by our subsidiary Hager Pharma GmbH.

Innovative Specialist for Specialties Hager & Werken has been an extremely innovative corporation from its foundation in 1946. Many products used in today’s dental practices and laboratories, were launched by us for the first time: e.g. the hygienic disposable saliva ejector or the sterile disposable injection canula Miraject in the sixties, which remained the number 1 of dental needles until today - more than 600 million practically painfree injections speak for themselves! With Atomic, we presented the first modern mean value articulator to the dental laboratory in the seventies – so far still the standard in a lot of laboratories throughout the world. This list may be extended by many products, from the first disposable toothbrush impregnated with toothpaste (Happy Morning) in the seventies to the first foil impression tray for implants or the first LaserHF combination device as the latest novelties.

Whereas in the past, mostly finished products had been introduced, Hager & Werken is involved in the production process from the very beginning nowadays. It starts with the idea of a university, an innovative dentist or dental technician looking for a corporation with the experience of organizing production, marketing and worldwide distribution – mainly for innovative specialties. So we are working in cooperation with well-known German scientists as well as with specialists from the USA or China. Furthermore, we are also active as distribution partners for foreign companies, such as Dentsply with the Cavitron devices, Terumo with injection needles or Uvex with protective eyewear.

Catalogue and Internet Hager & Werken became primarily known to its customers by its catalogue, which is considered as reference book for dental specialties in many practices and laboratories. Nowadays, this catalog is completed by our internet presence, which is meant to be an up-to-date and complete catalogue featuring wide background information on our products.

With Hager Pharma, we have been active in pharmacy distribution since the year 2008. This company started with our miradent products and is now active with a small, but extra interesting product range. Our partners here are well-known corporations like Hussel, Ballistol and Zwilling, completed – aside from miradent – by other private brands, such as Blütenelexier (according to Dr. Bach) and Plantana.

A Family Business – In two respects Hager & Werken is a pure family-owned business led by members of the Hager family in the third generation today. However, our company also regards the motivated members of the worldwide staff as family; aside from the Duisburg headquarters we are represented with own offices in the USA, in China, Hong Kong, Poland, France and Croatia.