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Artikelbezeichnung Lieferform REF
Algilock OK / BS 5Size: xx-large, USA: U11101006
Algilock OK / BS 3Size: x-large, USA: U12101004
Algilock OK / BS 2ASize: large, USA: U13101042
Algilock OK / BS 2Size: medium, USA: U14101003
Algilock OK / BS 1Size: small, USA: U15101002
Algilock UK / BI 5Size: xx-large, USA: L11101011
Algilock OK / BS 3Size: x-large, USA: L12101009
Algilock UK / BI 2ASize: large, USA: L13101043
Algilock UK / BI 2Size: medium, USA: L14101008
Algilock UK / BI 1Size: small, USA: L15101007
Algilock Set10 pcs (5 OK, 5 UK)101001

Extremely durable impression tray

  • For dentulous jaws
  • High-quality, corrosion-resistant stainless steel
  • High durability, highest shape stability and long-term good appearance
  • “Retention rims” hold the impression material without adhesives
  • Laser-welded handles and ridges for a solid interconnection
  • Autoclavable without loss of quality
  • Only Algilock offers such a unique model variety and solid top quality
  • On request, Algilock is available for maxilla and mandible as:
    – Algilock partial (perforated/non-perforated)
    – Algilock pedo (orthodontology)
    – Algilock perforated

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