• 1912

    Erwin Hager founds, together with the Meisinger family, the bur manufacturer HAGER & MEISINGER in Düsseldorf. In 1927, this company is completely taken over by the Meisinger family.
  • 1927

    Erwin Hager starts the dental depot HAGER DENTAL in Duisburg. With Edgar Hager - and from 1970 with Jan and Jochen Odermann - HAGER DENTAL develops into one of the leading dental dealer organizations in Germany, with 12 dental depots.
  • 1946

    Edgar and Lilo Hager found the company HAGER & WERKEN. However, the first product, a vulcanizing unit, turns into 'HAGER & WERKEN's first flop…
  • 1952

    A dry air sterilizer is sold from Edgar and Lilo Hager with great success.
  • 1954

    HAGER & WERKEN sells the MYERSON tooth from USA, practically the first acrylic tooth on the German market (only porcelain teeth so far).
  • 1959

    The first X-ray film holder - EMMENIX - is invented.
  • 1963

    Edgar Hager's son, Michael Hager, takes over HAGER & WERKEN. Under his guidance, HAGER & WERKEN develops into a leading supplier of dental specialties, completely independent from the depot, with worldwide contacts for both, the import and the export of the products.
  • 1967

    Together with the company TERUMO, Japan HAGER & WERKEN introduces the first disposable injection cannula- MIRAJECT into the German and European dental market. At first HAGER & WERKEN was smiled at - however, admired in the end for its nose for tracking new trends and innovative products.
  • 1976

    The first mean value articulator ATOMIC is presented, which has been sold worldwide nearly 200,000 times in the meantime (followed by BALANCE in 1982 and COMBITEC in 1995). HAGER & WERKEN appears on the US-market with the company WORLDWIDE DENTAL (today HAGER WORLDWIDE).
  • 1977

    Gateway to prophylaxis: HAPPY MORNING toothbrush, with PIC-BRUSH interdental brush to follow in 1981 and CLEAN JET in 1984.
  • 1980

    Start of selling KURARAY products (CARIES DETECTOR).
  • 1981

    Vip visit during the FDI in London - HRH Princess Margaret visited our booth.
  • 1982

    Move to Pulverweg in downtown Duisburg to initially 1,000 m², later over 3,000 m² offices and warehouse.
  • 1984

    The CLEARFIL Bond System (manufacturer KURARAY, Japan) is presented as the first bonding system on the German market.
  • 1991

    HAGER & WERKEN introduces PANAVIA adhesive cement of KURARAY, Japan into the German market.
  • 1995

    HAGER & WERKEN takes over the European distribution for BETA-QUARTZ inserts; under license contract with the American Dental Association and the Paffenbarger Institute.
  • 1997

    HAGER & WERKEN is certified according to ISO 9002/EN/46002 of the TÜV Rheinland for the first time.
  • 1999

    Move to Duisburg-Großenbaum into a big, modern office building and warehouse of approximately 6,000 m², just 10 minutes from Düsseldorf International Airport.
  • 2000

    Starting of HAGER POLONIA in Wroclaw for the direct contact to the Polish market.
  • 2001

    The MIRAMATIC system, a patented safety system for the disposal of used cannulas, is launched.
  • 2002

    HAGER & WERKEN takes over the metal bonding ceramic CARAT and the basic materials BIOPAQUE and BIOPAQUE UNO from DENTSPLY, USA. For better serving the South American market, HAGER LATINA in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is founded.
  • 2003

    Taking over of the dental side of business of company Meyer-Haake Medizin- und Dentalhandels GmbH, once again extends the HAGER & WERKEN product range by some new products, such as CYANO VENEER, the HF-SURG devices, RESO-PAC, etc. Extension of our Asian business with the Establishment of Hager Asia LTD. in Hongkong with a representative office in Shanghai.

  • 2005

    Completion of the new warehouse in Duisburg
  • 2006

    Takeover of the CAVITRON distribution from Dentsply.
  • 2007

    IDS in Cologne (our booth in hall 4) Foundation of the company Hager miradent d.o.o. in Gradac, Croatia Opening of the new office of Hager & Werken (Asia) Co. Ltd. in Kowloon, Hong Kong
  • 2008

    Foundation of the company Hager Pharma GmbH for distribution of the in-house miradent range and product lines of other manufacturers to pharmacies and the pharmaceutical wholesale. Take-over of the pharmacy distribution of zendium (toothpaste, Sara Lee), Bellybutton (care products for pregnant women, moms, babies, and children) and Zwilling (beauty products for manicure, pedicure, etc.) Own distribution office for dental products in Paris (France)
  • 2009

    IDS in Cologne (our booth A 70 in Hall 4.1) Take-over of the PLANTANA beauty products. Patrick Hager is in the third generation to be active in the general management of Hager & Werken.