Artikelbezeichnung Lieferform REF
Mirapost Set Titanium120 posts (20x6) incl. keys355998
Mirapost Set gold plated240 posts (20x12) incl. keys355975
Mirapost Set Titanium60 posts (20x3) incl. keys355973
Mirapost Set gold plated60 posts (20x3) incl. keys355974
Mirapost Reamer No. 1Ø 1,05 mm, Content: 3 pcs.356020
Mirapost Reamer No. 2Ø 1,20 mm, Content: 3 pcs.356021
Mirapost Reamer No. 3Ø 1,35 mm, Content: 3 pcs.356022
Mirapost Reamer No. 4Ø 1,50 mm, Content: 3 pcs.356023
Mirapost Reamer No. 5Ø 1,65 mm, Content: 3 pcs.356024
Mirapost Reamer No. 6Ø 1,80 mm, Content: 3 pcs.356025
Mirapost Spiral ReamerØ 0,90 mm356030
Mirapost Spiral ReamerØ 1,05 mm356031
Mirapost Spiral ReamerØ 1,20 mm356032
Mirapost Spiral ReamerØ 1,35 mm356033
Mirapost Spiral ReamerØ 1,50 mm356034
Mirapost Spiral ReamerØ 1,60 mm356035
Mirapost Spiral ReamerØ 1,80 mm356036

Inexpensive build-up post

  • Self-cutting thread
  • In two versions: titanium or 24 carat gold-plated
  • Gets directly screwed in or cemented
  • In four lengths: short (8 mm), medium (9.5 mm), long (12 mm), x-long (14 mm)
  • In six diameters: No. 1 (1.05 mm), No. 2 (1.20 mm), No. 3 (1.35 mm), No. 4 (1.50 mm), No. 5 (1.65 mm), No. 6 (1.80 mm)
  • Sets include three, six or twelve posts per size

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