Fit® Rubberdam Clamps for Children

Fit® Rubberdam Clamps for Children

Artikelbezeichnung REF
upper right 54D355722
upper right 55E355723
upper left 64D355724
upper left 65E355725
lower left 74D355726
lower left 75E355727
lower right 84D355728
lower right 85E355729
Kit with 8 clamps on a clamp board355720
Clamp board separately, without clamps355721
Childrens Molar Clamp P-R355387
Childrens Molar Clamp P-L355388

Special Rubberdam clamps for children

  • Especially designed for the anatomic shape of deciduous teeth
  • Ideal for pediatric dentistry
  • For first molar R + L extra

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