Mirawhite® Laser Bleaching

Mirawhite® Laser Bleaching

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Mirawhite Laser Bleaching607086

Dental bleaching gel for use with diode laser

  • Bleaching gel adapted for wave lengths
  • For diode lasers (810 – 980 nm) and ND: YAG laser (1064 nm)

(When using in combination with the LaserHF device, the bleaching gel gets activated with the special LaserHF bleaching hand piece (REF 452 472).

Set consists of: 1 box of bleaching powder 0.34 g (titanium dioxide), 9 ml H2O2 30 % basis solution, 1 syringe Gingiva Protector 1,5 ml, mirafluor gel mint 25 ml, 2 applicators

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