Article REF
Koni-Cast, X1304031
Koni-Cast, WM304032
Koni-Cast, X3304033
Koni-Cast, X6304034
Koni-Cast, Base X1304035
Koni-Cast, Base WM304036
Koni-Cast, Base X3304037
Koni-Cast, Base X6304038
Koni-Cast, Multi-Base part of flexible, special silicon for all cylinders304039

Conical Cast Rings

  • Made from high quality stainless steel
  • Bases also available in special silicone and a flexible Multi Base
  • Height: 55 mm, in 4 sizes:
    Cylinder X1 small, dia. top 32 mm, bottom 30 mm
    Cylinder WM (for Whipmix) dia top 40 mm, bottom 38 mm
    Cylinder X3 dia top 50 mm, bottom 48 mm
    Cylinder X6, dia top 67 mm, bottom 65 mm
  • Bigger shapes on request