Carat® Stains

Artikelbezeichnung Lieferform REF
Primary RedContent: 3 g604502
Dove BlueContent: 3 g604503
Yellow OchreContent: 3 g604505
WhiteContent: 3 g604507
KhakiContent: 3 g604509
OrangeContent: 3 g604511
Dark OrangeContent: 3 g604512
BlackContent: 3 g604515
OverglazeContent: 15 g604248
OverglazeContent: 75 g604306
Stain fluid EContent: 15 ml604219
Stain fluid EContent: 100 ml604220
Stain fluid OContent: 15 ml604221

Especially for dental ceramic work on the tooth surface and to individualize the surface in colors

  • Suitable for Carat metal ceramics and Carat Ecoline