Artikelbezeichnung Lieferform REF
Carat Basic Assortment Biodent-604200
Carat Basic Assortment V-shades-604201
Carat Intro-Kit V-A3-604523
Carat Intro-Kit V-A3,5-604524
Carat Intro-Kit Bio 21-604525
Carat Intro-Kit Bio 31-604526

Bonding Ceramic for highest aesthetic Demand

  • Strong adhesion to all commonly used alloys, outstanding modelling properties, high stability as well as form and contours stability
  • Excellent shade combination with single compounds due to the naturalness and degree of transparency of the basic, dentin and enamel compounds
  • Reliability and maturity physical characteristics
  • If space is restricted, an opacious dentine will also provide an exact colour
  • Available in Biodent and V-shades

Firing Chart

Carat Firing Chart