Mirafit® White

Artikelbezeichnung Lieferform REF
Mirafit White Kit3 x 6 posts + 1 bur in each size356044
Mirafit White post L2Ø 1.20 mm Content: 6 pcs.356045
Mirafit White post L3Ø 1.35 mm Content: 6 pcs.356046
Mirafit White post L4Ø 1.50 mm Content: 6 pcs.356047

Thread-free reconstruction post made of carbon fibre

  • Physical properties of the post similar to those of dentine and reconstruction composite
  • No risk of corrosion due to biocompatible metal-free material
  • Preparation not affecting the tooth substance
  • Extra-long and easy to shorten post, can easily be removed by means of a bur
  • The white colour of the post meets high esthetical requirements
  • Radiopaque
  • Available in 3 conventional diameters:
    L2 = Ø 1.20 mm L3 = Ø 1.35 mm L4 = Ø 1.50 mm Mirafit Carbon

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