LaserHF® “comfort”

LaserHF® “comfort”

LaserHF „comfort“
LaserHF standard

Laser and HF technology combination device

  • I-Cube design with touch screen control
  • Preset programmes for all possible applications
  • Individual control available additionally
  • Highest possible functionality and hygiene
  • Touch screen monitor for easy operation and selection of programmes


  • Disinfection and cleaning of gingival pockets in periodontosis
  • Disinfection after root canal preparation in endodontics
  • Removal of soft tissue, e.g. in implant surgery in periimplantitis
  • Wound healing, pain relief and desensitisation by Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)
  • PDT laser (photodynamic therapy)
  • Optionally: accelerated bleaching by laser therapy


  • Two hand pieces working independently of each other for exchangeable electrodes (colour-coded): cutting- and cutting-/coagulation wave (yellow), coagulation wave (blue)
  • All type of treatments are possible due to the three forms of frequency: Cutting, cutting with coagulation for haemostasis, coagulation, pulsedriven coagulation to gently weld small tissue pieces
  • Automatic voltage control
  • hf Bipolar forceps optionally available

Technical Data:
HF power max. 50 W
HF frequency 2.2 MHz
Laser PDT: 660 nm/100 mW
Laser 975 nm/ 8 W – cw/pulsed
Measures (WxHxD) 30 x 13 x 25 cm
Power supply 230V/50Hz
HF 2.2 MHz/50 W – monopolar/bipolar

Weight ca. 3.5 kg

Basic equipment

  • 2 laser hand pieces (red for 6 W laser, orange for softlaser)
  • 1 x fibre tip 200 μm (set of 3) + 1 x fibre tip 320 μm (set of 3)
  • Safety glasses Lambda One (800 – 975 nm)
  • Over-spec Skyline (green, 800 – 975 nm)
  • Over-spec Skyline (blue, 657 – 660 nm)
  • Patient’s safety glasses
  • 2 HF hand pieces (autoclavable)
  • Set of electrodes (Nos. 40, 2, 13, 15, 31, 33)
  • Neutral electrode
  • Door contact/ interlock
  • Foot pedal
  • Instructions for use, medical product journal
  • hf Bipolar Forceps to be ordered separately!

The standard LaserHF device is still available (REF 452462)

Instruction for Use

LaserHF Instruction for Use